What is DGI?

Diverse Geometry Inclusivity

Here at Team Fafali, we are working on ensuring that our airframes suit the widest range of 'people and their geometry variations. 

Our attention to detail regarding ingress and egress, gender 'hip and shoulder' differences, tall and short folks, long legs, short legs and different human geometries such as experienced by those with limb differences, gives us one of the highest possible DGI index outcomes.

How do we determine the DGI index? We set about creating a DGI scorecard, and use it on every aspect of our designs.  It can be used to compare aircraft too.   The scorecard grows in check items, but the resultant index is still a 'score out of 10'.

Our checklist is available by special request and agreement.

In the meantime, know that we are looking to accommodate comfortably and happily a wider range than most airframes can....