Fafali offers smart-e-ready-aircraft
for Surveillance, Humanitarian, Training and Recreational Flying

Smart-e-ready-airframe aircraft

We believe in a better airframe...

Our airframes have the option of smart interface with the pilot and/or engineer. They offer a simple, effective pilot interface, with outstanding pilot and passenger access. 

Our airframe structures are already taking into account the needs for decarbonisation and hold within them the potential for internal combustion engines (ICE), hybrid, electric propulsion and diverse energy storage systems to meet the needs of today and tomorrow...

Powerplant Agnostic

Our Airframes are designed to be powerplant flexible - they are not tied to one type of powerplant and we are ready to look at alternatives as markets develop moving towards decarbonisation.

Whether you are needing an ICE, Hydrocarbon or Hydrogen combustion, Hybrid or fully Electric solution  - our airframes are ready to meet your needs

Energy Source Agnostic

AvGas, MoGas, SAF, Battery, Hydrogen, or a combination... you will find our approach to energy storage refreshing and need respecting.

Depending on your location and mission, your energy source will vary - our airframes are ready to meet YOUR  needs.

What is in a name?

Fafali is a strong gender neutral name from the Ewe language.  Originating in the Dahomey Gap region of West Africa (Ghana/Togo/Benin), the Ewe tribe are renowned for their hard work and strength.

Fafali carries a number of important meanings - Peace, Tranquillity, Serenity, Ambition, Strength,  Fortitude, etc  all of which resonate with the design, build and operation of our aircraft.  

When choosing a name for our aircraft it was important for us to have an identity that had clear meaning with a connection to the development teams background.  

In our developments, we have called upon the many thousands of hours experience of our team flying surveillance, humanitarian, agricultural, training and recreational missions in West Africa, which is reflected in the robust, easily maintainable and multi-mission design features of every Fafali Aircraft.

Fafali is more than just a name for us, it is a philosophy from concept to implementation, in the workplace and in the cockpit - in the coming years Fafali Aircraft will be a game changer in the light aviation industry - and we all look forward to 'Flying Fafali' soon!

Fafali knows the needs for robust, reliable, easily maintained aircraft that meet the needs of both on and off airport operations. As pilots and engineers who have built and operated aircraft for many missions, Fafali works to produce aircraft that go above and beyond the legacy airframe.  We are focused on the future of light aviation, preparing for the changes that will come, whilst retaining our sense of practical and reliable solutions for today.  Fafali specialises in surveillance, humanitarian, training and recreational GA.

Patricia Mawuli Porter OBE